14 / 12 / 2015

Lifeion –“Clean” & Reliable performances!

The already known & successful Life air conditioners- are getting even more powerful!

The new Lifeion product series 8.000/12.000/16.000/18.000/24.000 btu/h, are providing now a new ionizer system and ensure, apart from reliable performances, pure and cleaner atmosphere in your environment. The Superpower ionizer, classifies the air conditioning series Life, the optimal choice for cooling and heating solutions in your place.

The air conditioners have a A++/A+++ ranking in cooling and heating mode, surpassing the customer’s expectations by consuming even less power with “Sleep” and “Perfect Start”. The “Perfect start” mode technology evaluates the existing room conditions and achieves the ideal starting temperature, regardless the current environmental conditions. In addition, Blow / X-fan function minimizes moisture in the inner parts of the unit and allows it to operate at even higher performances.

Moreover, the Lifeion units are operating with great stability in cooling and heating from -15 °C in any climate conditions.

Enjoy your space like never before!