26 / 09 / 2017

New Dehumidifier Series EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi

New Dehumidifier Series EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi

The future of technology is here!!! The new dehumidifier series EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi are already here to solve the humidity problem in your place effectively and efficiently, offering not only great energy savings but also very low noise levels. The new Inventor dehumidifiers EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi are available in two different moisture removal capacities, the 16l and the 20l, to deal with any humidity issues you may face.

  • Save energy and money
    The upgraded technology of EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi series, offer you the possibility of the remote control, you always wanted. With the smart Wi-Fi technology, you are able now to operate your dehumidifier, from wherever and whenever you want, according to your needs, through your Smartphone or your Tablet. Download for free the Invmate II application via Google Play or App Store and benefit from the advanced technology, saving energy and money at the same time.

  • The lowest noise levels
    The technological superiority of the new Inventor dehumidifiers, guarantee high quality atmosphere in the most silent manner. The new dehumidifiers EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi, provide 3 fan speed levels (Silent – Medium – Turbo) to satisfy even the most demanding users. Select the Silent mode of the fan and the dehumidifier will operate at the lowest noise level when it is required. Suitable for use in bedrooms - especially at night- to enjoy ideal sleeping conditions, as well as in areas where absolute silence is needed, ex. study areas.

  • Integrated Ionizer
    Banish the humidity in your place and ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere. With the integrated ionizer that EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi dehumidifiers provide, ions are released into the room absorbing dust, bacteria, tobacco and other unpleasant odors, offering a high air quality. Take advantage of the ionizer feature to prevent drastically allergies and create air nutrition improvement for you and your beloved!

  • Dry Clothes at once
    Maximize the comfort in your place and benefit from the Dryer – Clothes Drying mode for clean and fragrant clothes. Place the clothes rack in a small room and close the door. The air produced by the Inventor dehumidifier reinforces freshness and ensures dry in a short period of time, while keeping the room completely dry. The new series EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi are the absolute solution during the winter period so that to create the ideal conditions you were always wanted.

  • Unique Design
    The functionality and the easy settings’ adjustment so that the user can benefit at 100% from the device capabilities, is the main aim of Inventor products. The blue transparent water tank of an amazing aesthetics and design combination is obtainable only by Inventor EVA II PRO & EVA II PRO Wi-Fi dehumidifiers and enables you to check easily the water level and get the absolute control of your device whenever is necessary. Set easily your dehumidifier with the upgraded control panel and enjoy high quality atmosphere in your room.

  • Premium Warranty
    By choosing Inventor dehumidifies, you choose high quality products which are certified with a 5 years Premium warranty and ensure the excellent and long-term operation of your device, even under the most demanding conditions.