23 / 06 / 2016

How can I use my air conditioning unit during the summer heat?

How can I use my air conditioning unit during the summer heat?

During the summer and especially in the summer heat period, air conditioners are considered an integral part of every household and workplace. How we can operate our air conditioning units effectively? Is there an economical use of air conditioners? Can air conditioners cool our atmosphere without getting freezing?

The answer is that this is possible! If we know the proper way, we can operate our air conditioning systems without fearing the electricity consumption. Learn all the secrets of the proper air conditioning use and cool you area with the minimum energy consumption:

  • A key requirement is to choose the right air conditioning unit. If you haven’t chosen yet, click here to see which one is proper for your house. If you have a smaller unit than is required for your space you will have increased power consumption and reduced performance

  • Don’t choose very low room temperatures. Specifically, during summer heat, set your air conditioning unit from 27°C up to 29°C. In this way, your body enjoys the cooling atmosphere while you are inside but also you will not suffer from the temperature difference that exists outside. A general rule is to set your air conditioning unit 12 degrees below the outdoor atmosphere temperature

  • While you are at home, don’t stop the air conditioning unit continuously. You are not saving money by doing this, open your air conditioner in the morning and leave it operating throught the day between 27°C and 29°C. In this way, you reduce the frequent restarts, if your air conditioning unit is DC Inverter technology; you will have very low power consumption during the operation and a constant temperature in your area.

  • Don’t use your air conditioning unit during the night. Before you sleep, turn on the Sleep Mode. In the sleep mode, air conditioners increase the level of the desired indoor temperature and after a while it turns off. In such a way, you can feel cool while sleeping without spending money and getting sick

  • Keep the doors and the windows closed the whole day, especially during the middle of the day. Be sure that you ventilate the house early in the morning or late at night when the outside temperature is at the lowest levels

  • Do not use ovens or projectors during summer heat and while the air conditioners are operating. It is better to cook in the afternoon, ventilate the house and then turn on your air conditioning unit

  • You can pull down the tents and the shutters avoiding the direct exposure to the sun so that you can be sure that your air conditioning unit could not be affected

  • Do not operate the air conditioners in spaces that you are not living during the day. Try to save money from the unused spaces