23 / 06 / 2016

What is Eco Design Air conditioner?

What is Eco Design Air conditioner?

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an attempt to protect the environment, the European Union adopted the directive 2009/125/EC concerning all energy consuming products. The aim of the European Union is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the usage of primary energy and increase the usage of renewable energy sources. Eco Design devices are designed, manufactured, operated and recycled, based on the environmental protection

For the air conditioning industry, the directive refers to the air to air type of air conditioners with capacity less than 12KW (40.944btu/h).

According to the directive, it is forbidden to import to the European Union air conditioners that feature energy class less than D. The directive also modifies the energy classification method taking into consideration the geographic factors that affect the usage of air conditioning, as well as the seasonal energy consumption according to the needs of each geographical area.

Therefore, European Union members are divided into three climate zones: the warm, the average and the cold one. The seasonal efficiency ratio SEER (for cooling mode) and seasonal coefficient performance SCOP (for heating mode) are calculated depending on the climate zone of each country for which the air conditioner is destined.

To inform the end-users, all air conditioners come with the new energy label, as showed below. All manufactures are obligated to mention on the new energy label the data regarding to the average zone.